Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TERROR WAR (9/11-26/11) vs. CYBER WAR

How many e-mail addresses of your friends do you have? How many media persons you are acquainted with? How many news agencies you are in contact with? Go into the contacts and in-box of your cell phones and see, how many mobile numbers of various persons do you have in .Oh yes; indeed, I am going to say any such thing, which you know, but still don’t want to tell anybody. But now, you can tell it. Because, I am saying it …your own Aziz Burney, and through me, when you will say this, you will not be even remotely hurt … and nobody will ever tell you to speak slowly, what if any body listens.Forget it brother: whether you live frightened or fearlessly, everybody will have to meet same fate. Then ,listen ,this may not be truth, may be it is only guess ,but help me to try to reach upon truth ,then ,definitely , my point will not seem to be dishonesty . There was no terrorist attack, which was publicized as 9/11.All this was a master plan of America. In fact, the dream to rule all over the world could have fulfilled, through this only.

This was a unique way for war against terror and to use its own weapons for which America created cause, itself. These terrorist organizations like ,Al Qaeda ,Lashkar e Taiba ,Taliban etc are nothing but the out-fits of CIA which created these, in Muslim names ,to continue their activities .if anybody things my these assertion as rubbish ,it is upto him and if you believe it true ,you can. I decided to launch my own web site along with newspapers, because what you can say on web site in a moment and as you wish, in few sentences, it takes months to write the same in the language of newspaper.Afghanistan would not have destroyed if 9/11 has not happened…..Iraq would not have been ruined ….Saddam Hussein would not have been hanged….If all these could not have happened ,land of Pakistan might not have been used ….Pakistan could not have become victim of terrorism…Clouds of war could not hover over Iran….Bomb blast could not have occurred in India…There could not have been any excuse for civil war…..If all these would not have happened the, what America would have been doing …who could have are for it…how weapons could they sell weapons….what would have happened to it’s infantry developed in Israel…How those weapons could be exhibited which re used against Palestinians….How could they get purchase orders from all over the world…?Which is the deadliest weapon ,which country posses these …which country ,to strengthen it’s defense system needs which American missile..?How it will be decided? Withfootages of weapons of wars used in Afghanistan and Iraq……with footages showing shreds of human dead bodies ……tears can roll out of you eyes….your heart can weep…You can held your head…but who are obsessed to rule over whole world …those include such Neros who may be playing flute when Rome burns and there may be such Bushes that when tall buildings of new York comes down, then they are busy telling stories of goats to school children.I could not have mentioned the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan…I could have been free from any worry about Iran’s future , if flame could not have reached at my doors ….if the danger has not knocked at my country India. May be I am alone to start this war. I have become the Indian , following the principles of Gandhi ,who don’t fear firangis.May be the spirit of Subhash Chander Bose possessed within me.

Therefore I started using my pen as pistol. May be I ma preparing noose for myself and this can also be possible that I am going to repeat the history of Maulana abulkalam Azad ,the editor of Alhilal and al bilagh.You think as you like. But I think that 26-11 was not different from 9/11 of New York…planning in both was same…only terrorist act was different…For 9/11 ,purpose was to destroy Iraq ,Afghanistan ,and to warn Islamic world that you be under the tip of our shoes ,otherwise will be hanged like Saddam.Just pray for journalistlike Muntazir alzaidi , who changed this message by his shoes …and purpose of 26/11 was to blame Pakistan…to instigate India to attack Pakistan … create situation of civil war in India…first destruction of Pakistan through a country like India …to occupy weakened India as has been done in Saudi Arab, Iraq and Afghanistan….

The story is not baseless. The only change is that I started it from the climax. Wait for the flash back...Soon I will start it...then you will have opportunity to see flashes of facts in every scene …..These will get links in such a way that you will not feel bizarre. Pray, that it should not discontinue till the last scene is written…and also you reading should also continue….May be Almighty has decided to teach lessons to the enemies of humanity. And instead of battle ground, it will be taught through cyber war. Therefore along with pen and paper, I also entered in the world of internet. As I believe on your cooperation.

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Niels said...

@ Aziz :

You're quite right. Also, people still believe in the fairy tale that the war on terror was a reaction on 9/11.

Facts show otherwise, see the reports regarding the fact that approval to launch this war was given by the Whitehouse on the day before the 9/11 attacks :

U.S. OK'd plan to topple Taliban a day before 9/11

U.S. sought attack on al-Qaida - White House given plan days before Sept. 11th