Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Would be the result of Amar Singh’s ‘political unhappiness’

Right now I cann’t give space to these thoughts in my newspaper but I can convey my anticipation to my readers through my website. Do you know Thakur Amar Singh? Undoubtedly you would know him and I know him very well. From head to toe he is having the way of thinking, especially in political matters. You would be feeling a bit uncomfortable with my disjoint conversation. I can understand it ,as I am not conveying my thoughts directly.
Four days back Amar Singh was in Dubai. We had telephonic conversation during this period many times. I got the impression about his anguish with few leaders of Samajwadi Party. First I thought that Amar Singh trying to strengthen himself by just offering his resignation from party posts.
Beni Prasad Verma , Azam Khan, Raj Babbar better knew the meaning of Amar’s unhappiness.Janeshwar Mishra and Professor Ram Gopal Yadav should understand this if he is not above Mulayam Singh then he is next to him. I am not writing him as the second man of the party because I know his nature very well.
I was thinking that Mulayam Singh would understand the need of Amar Singh and would convince his friend and brother also and both of them would accept it. They may not accept it whole heartedly ,but they would accept it as all the doors are closed for them, but suddenly this thought came to my mind, it may be wrong. Amar Singh know it very well that this UPA government will complete its tenure and if Congress doesn’t give a chance of participation in the government then it will be quite tough time for Samajwadi party ,as if they remain away from the power continuously for long then …….
So, it’s beneficial to join hands with NCP and there is no loss in it. As there is no leader in NCP of Sharad Pawar’s stature who can match with Amar Singh. His daughter ( Supriya Sule) have long way to go. Secondly ,NCP is a partner in central government, in this way Amar Singh would easily become the part of the central government. In Maharashtra also NCP is part of the ruling alliance. If UP is not in their hand then at least another state Maharashtra would be .Sharad Pawar is also in win win situation.NCP is not having its field in UP but if Amar Singh comes to its fold then it is sure he would be bringing a good number of sitting MLA’s and MP’s with him in to NCP’s fold. So, NCP possibly can open its political account in UP. Now it’s time for Congress to think who is uncomfortable with the entry of Amar Singh in central government.If Amar Singh come out successful with his new political plan then in coming parliamentary elections he may get the chance to show that he is a leader of Mulayam Singh and Mayawati’s stature in UP. After Vir Bahadur Singh and VP Singh in UP Thakur’s heir is vacant.BJP already is suffering from his worst period and Rajnath Singh already sidelined,so Amar Singh’s poltical unhappiness can be truly in his favour what others are feeling they think over it….. Mulayam Singh will have to calculate if Abu Asim in Maharashtra goes with Amar then how many in UP will move?If he had distributed few tickets with his consent then think about that and rest Amar Singh might have done it.

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