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The lines I have written on my heart
The terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26th Nov.2008 was indeed attack on the sovereignty and integrity of India. If this attack was due to the mischief of Pakistan,, then India should make Pakistan learn a lesson which all of its future generations should remember and those generations should completely keep away from abetting all terrorist activities.
If the antinational elements have orchestrated this attack with the help of Israel’s Intelligence Agency Mossad, then it should be made clear that these are not those days when the British came to India pretending to sell prices and captured India.
We know that nowadays terrorism has became your business and India and Pakistan seem like fertile land for it so that your business goes on and you could terrify the Arab countries and keep their oil wealth under captivity.
It is for these dirty designs that you have created an arms depot in the region in the name of Israel so that you could create trouble in India whenever you wish, through your paid agents, whenever you wish, you could colour the land of Pakistan in blood bath. This strategy of yours gave you an opportunity rule in Afghanistan and Iraq indirectly. But what you got in return, an Iraqi journalist Muntezir Zaidi threw his shoes on the face of the most powerful person of a powerful country.
The throwing of shoes by Muntezir Zaidi signifies how nationalist and humanitarian people treat the enemies of humanity. This also signifies that how the people of Iraq react on your efforts to divide Iraq on the basis of Shia and Sunni population.
The shoe thrown on the face of the President who is on the threshold of retirement was however prevented by his paid agent and so-called Iraqi rulers but who saved him from the shoes which were thrown afterwards on him by the entire world. We know that it is possible that there might be certain people in India also who have the same mindset as that of Noori Almaliki who support the same form of governance which does not want that the real masterminds of Mumbai attacks be exposed. They do not want that the ugly faces of their masters unveiled so that their help remains intact till the time when their dream is realized.
But will the 100 crore people of India allow the conspiracy succeed at the expense of the destruction of their beloved country and slavery? Does the majority of the people of India not know that the people who destroyed 13 temples in Ayodhya under the pretence of constructing a temple in the name of Lord Ram, will divide and destroy India numerous times in the name of Hindu Rashtra?
This article is my personal opinion which has reached you, as also the 100th series of my continuous article entitled “The Muslims of India: past, present and the future.” I am addressing you at this time not only as the Group Editor of Urdu Sahara but also as a peace loving, patriotic Indian. Probably I am the only citizen of India. (as the late Nirmala Deshpande has said) who had before the marriage of her daughter, takes the bride and bridegroom to the Delhi Jamia Masjid to perform the Namaz of gratitude and thereafter reached the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi, the Messaih of independence, to place the wreath, then went to temple, Gurudwara, Church to pay respect and take the blessings of religious heads of all religions and thereafter went to meet and take blessings of any mentor and guide Sahara Shree.
I am such an Indian that when the terrorist exploded bombs before Eid and Deevali in Sarojini Nagar, did not celebrate Eid spent all the day before the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi reciting the holy Quran and performing Namaz with the family.
Therefore I reserve the right to say that I am the flag bearer of the secular multi religious and multi lingual culture of the country. I am true Muslim, so also a true Indian and humanitarian.
I am well aware of the mentality of the sanghy, the Farangi and the War-mongers. A Sanghi is one who want to make the country the slave of their mentality under the pretext Hindu Rashtra and Martyr Hemant Karkare was unveiling the faces of these elements. The Farangi are not confined only to the British, today the American mentality is before us in its more dangerous form than the former and it wants to dominate the whole world and the Jangi or War-mongers are the self styled Mujahideen Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISI, Alqaeda Indian Mujahideen. All these are the arms and ammunition of Sanghi and Firangis. The terrorists who are part of them may be Muslims but they cannot be the Jihadi Groups of Muslims, they are only their tools. When there was the need to disintegrate soviet union, these Bin Laden, Alqaeda were the best friends of the Bush family. When they intended to destroy Iran, Saddam Hussain was their first choice and they intended to destroy Iraq, Pakistan was their friend. When they wanted to put India in the fire of terrorism, Lashkar-e-Taiba was their tool through the path of Kashmir. Lashkar-e-Taiba was brought up by these elements and Indresh had very close relations with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Martyr Hemant Karkare had revealed in his investigations that Indresh had borrowed. 3 crore rupees from ISI, Indresh has become now the fourth angle in the quadrilateral of Israel’s Mossad, whose other three angles are the Sanghi, Firangi and Jangi and they are probably responsible for the 26 Nov. 2008 terrorist attack on India through Mumbai.
Kindly think over……………..
Can only 10 terrorist from Pakistan and attack India in such a large scale, without any help from any quarter? No. It would not have been possible with the help of ordinary people.
It was possible only when the most influential and high ranking people guided them. Probably, to fulfill their evil designs these element used 10 paid agents provided with all the facilities and made them attack India which was the most shameful act and these elements do not want the secret to be revealed so that their hidden faces are not unveiled.
But it will not happen.
This is not a matter of Arushi murder case which was confined to a family and four walls of a house. This is the matter of the prestige of our beloved India, the prestige of 100 crore Indians. How long could the voice of those who want to sacrifice their lives for the prestige of the country be suppressed. How long would the voice of the soldiers who give away their lives standing on the border of the country to protect the nation, the voice of those brave and gallant men who liberated the Taj, the Oberoi and the Nariman House from clutches of the terrorist be suppressed. Are they not aware of the truth? Do they not know the purpose which their lives have been sacrificed for?
Indeed, it is possible that some members of our police and army are mislead and commit a mistake. But the entire society and nation rests on the trust bestowed upon the police and army. How long can they be mislead or their voice be suppressed.
Only these people will bring out the truth behind the terrorist attack, only they will protect the country from the actual and pseudo terrorists. They have been born in this soil, which is their motherland. And the sons of the soil will not tolerate that anybody cant an evil eye on the motherland, compulsion, diplomacy, fear can keep them silent only for sometime, not forever who sacrifice life in the battle ground, who faces the bullet headon, whose children are orphaned, whose family looses its head and heir?
Can a few notes of currency return the family its heir?
No., the houses will not be allowed to be darkened, Lives will be not sacrificed for the power greedy and traitors of the nation. The scene which on 29th Nov. 2008 at the Gateway of India, which was the expression of peace and unity will be seen by the whole world.
I am not writing an article at this time. These are not just a few words but a voice which should reach the hearts of all of you. This is just an example of my writings entitled “The lines which I wrote on the heart” (Jo Dil par Likha Hai Maine)
This is the true story which was seen with the eyes of an Indian Journalist who loves his country immensely and who does not want that his country become slave in front of his eyes.
I am writing this book in Urdu, Hindi and English and desire that it is translated in other Indian languages also and my voice reach the heart of every Indian and become their heart beat.
Therefore I am bringing out this special presentation, the 100th issue of my continuous Urdu, Hindi and English article expecting that it reaches every Indian. I have incorporated in this article, the articles of those writers who demand justice so that it is not considered only my voice but the voice of all Indians demanding justice.
I humbly request every patriotic citizen that a copy of this article be handed over to the police and army without fail because these people safeguard our society and nation. These people will bring out the truth and save the beloved nation from terrorists and terrorism.
And I also kindly request that a copy duly signed be sent to the Government of India through the District collector so that you all could bring out the truth. Then send me your special photograph and signed memorandum so that I can include it in my future series and take it to the President, Vice President and Prime Minister and present before them your feelings and realisations.
The last word:
All readers, writers, viewers have to right to take my writings which are available on the website of the newspaper, my books and blogs and publish them, can use them as excerpts, refer them in their speeches, though they may belong to any language or country. They do not require any permission in this regard.
With these a few words, I conclude.
Thank you,
May Allah protect you,
Jai Hind.
Aziz Burney

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