Friday, February 12, 2010

Want to make Aladdin’s lamp

Honourable visitors,
The moment at my small clinic in Bulandshahar when I was planning for a news paper, at this stage no one may think of this, truly speaking even I did not imagine also that one day a newspaper under my editorship would build a great place in world of Urdu Journalism and would be recalled as unforgettable lesson of the Urdu history. These days in my full-size office space I am planning something new as well as big. If 25 years back whatever I planned at a small clinic and result of that is in front of us in a beautiful shape then think and imagine whatever I am planning in my life sized office with a huge network, what would be the dimension of that outcome and its reach.
I had offered few of the covers of Parcham-e-Quran and Commentator that were first published under my editorship, for visitors of my website. Because these are the few reminiscence of beginning of my journey of journalism. Even earlier I was associated with Urdu weekly ‘Al-Nijat’ published from Aligarh and English weekly ‘Victory’ published from Hong Kong. I was associated with Victory in the capacity of Editor, India, but papers that were published under my official editorship were ‘Parcham-e-Quran’ and ‘Commentator’ and then journey of Sahara Urdu started. I am not going to say anything in detail regarding this as I think this topic should be dealt thoroughly, and that would require hundreds of pages. I am working on this and Inshaallah this would be in front of you soon. Whatever I am trying to convey you today is that I am planning something very special for my website in my office at Sahara India Complex; Noida. In fact it is in nascent stage, and I have not introduced it formally to the public. However, if you type my name in Google search engine, you may come across a good amount of details about me, but this is actually different, that I want to dedicate to my community, nation or the world, if I get the mercy of Allah and my efforts were capitalised. I do not discuss the dreams that may turn up true, as I do not believe in seeing dream with wide open eyes. If I planned something then try to execute that, i.e. Vision, Planning and Execution .This is my way of implementation, and the result that is decided by Allah.Yes, I was discussing that I am working on my website. One can’t anticipate what would be the final outcome, but yes I wish to make it the lamp of Aladdin’s. There are sayings that rub a bit to the lamp; there would appears djinni and then command whatever you wish to. I too have similar notion about my website. Anything related to my community in India, either contemporary or 100 years back just keep your question in mind and move your computer mouse a bit and here your answer is available.But I can’t do it all alone I would request to all those who wish to see my community and nation on top, and if you have think about a moment about this, or had watched, read or heard something or know someone that can contribute to this cause, then please ask for to contact me on my website or just send me his details, I would be there with the same request. Today I just only want to appeal you netizens but very soon I will share the structure with you and one can call it as a roadmap to the destination.
Thank you
Yours own

Aziz Burney

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