Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asian Broadcasting NetworkGlobal Urdu Talk Radio - LIVE from Chicago

Asian Broadcasting NetworkGlobal Urdu Talk Radio - LIVE from ChicagoAziz Burney Interview 07 Feb, 2010 Hosted by Dr. Mujahid Ghazi, Khurram Habib and Jibran Ilyas

Renowned Indian Journalist, Dr. Aziz Burney (a physician turned journalist), Editor of Urdu Sahara one of the largest Newspaper of Urdu which has 22 Editions. In a pre-independence India no one has so much of responsibility in Urdu Journalism at this level which Aziz has from Delhi. He is one of the fearless journalist who are attached to the cause of Muslims in India. He is being branded as Fundamentalist journalist due to his close pulse on Muslim persecution in India. His commedable effort of writing a book which documented all the eyewitness account of the affected people of Gujrat Riots, his serials columns on Malegaon blasts and the 26/11 attacks. Books he wrote: Chasham deed Gawah , Radday Amal (on the best bakery case) , India Looses Freedom, Saddam Hussain from President to Prisoner

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