Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Delhi Police claim to have "worked out" the Delhi Blasts case: but the following questions cry for answers:
It is claimed that Atif is the "mastermind" behind the blasts, and the conspiracy was hatched in 2005. (Atif must have been 21 years of age at the time). Now look at if from the point of view of Atif being the "mastermind":
Is there evidence to show that Atif lived in Delhi for any considerable length of time? If so, when?
Nothing so far points to the fact that Atif received training in terrorist activities, if he did, where and when?
It has not yet been clarified who was behind the E-mail sent purportedly on behalf of "Indian Mujahideen" claiming responsibility for the blasts.
If the same suspects (two of whom have been killed in the "encounter") caused the Ahmedabad blasts, who were their local contracts and where did they get the raw material (not to speak of the know how) to make those explosive devices.
More than 30 "unexploded" bombs were found in Surat and other parts of Gujrat, but the names of these boys are not being associated with those. WHY?
It has not yet been clarified why these suspects felt the need to have "Police Verification" for themselves immediately after Ahmedabad blasts and a month prior to Delhi blasts for which they provided their genuine particulars.
It is claimed that Atif was being helped by Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the connections of Indian Mujahideen have been taken right up to Al-Qaeda, and Delhi Police seems to have unearthed all this almost overnight; which means that not only Indian Mujahideen but several other "modules" of Lashkar-e-Toiba had been active in the country without any of the intelligence agency being wiser.
Before every Independence day (as on other occasions of national importance) the Intelligence Bureau submits a detailed report to the Union Home Ministry as well as the Delhi Police outlining the security profile and threat perception including any possible or apprehended terrorist strike. It is quite obvious that no such report mentioning any entity called "Indian Mujahideen" was submitted by the IB or any other security/intelligence agency.
At the time of the alleged "encounter", Inspector M.C.Sharma received bullet injuries to which he later succumbed. It was said that the Inspector was shot 3-4 times in the abdomen. Eyewitnesses, however, claim that when the injured inspector was escorted to a vehicle (he remained on his feet) by two of his colleagues, there was no blood or gunshot marks on his white shirt front.
It has not been alleged that the "terrorists" fired from an AK-47. In fact it has not been specified as to who shot Inspector M.C.Sharma and with what weapon. Was he possibly shot by one of the two terrorists who "escaped" the police net.
Inspector M.C.Sharma might have been caught in the crossfire during the shootout and it is quite possible that he received bullets in his back fired by his own colleagues.
It is claimed that Atif had planned to explode 20 "bombs" in Nehru Place market, and yet no explosives or other requisite material has been seized/recovered from the possession of the suspects and/or from L-18. Nor has it been clarified that where from the material used in the explosion was procured and where exactly these explosive devices assembled. A lot of money is required for such operations. Where did it come from?
Who accompanied the raiding police party to identify the suspects. (It is on record that all suspects were identified after the "encounter").
Did these "terrorists" carry/own mobile phones? If yes, where are they to whom the sim cards have been traced, if at all? What did the police learn from the phone records. (It also goes without saying that if the IB had maintained dossiers on these suspects, as has been claimed today, their phone might, as they should, have been tapped. And yet they were successful in their devious plans)
Are Al-Qaeda and the dreaded Lashkar-Toiba active here in India? If so, for what objective?
It is an incontrovertible fact that terrorist activities require training and resources of a very high order. If young boys having a humble family and economic background like the present suspects are being exploited/used for such terrorist strikes, the objective has to be not only enormous but highly destructive for the country. Now who stands to gain in the long run from such inhumanly criminal activities is the biggest question to be addressed for a solution to the problem of terrorism in the country.


arabi-farsi-urdu education said...

اس مسئلہ پر روزنامہ راشٹریہ سہارا نے جو تحقیقات اور شواہد سامنے رکھ دئے ہیں ان سے اس انکاؤنٹر کے فرضی ہونے میں کسی قسم کا شبہ باقی نہیں رہ جاتا ہے،اگر عدالتی تحقیقات ہوتی ہے تو سچآئی سامنے آتے دیر نہیں لگیگی ،مگر ایسا نہیں لگتا ہے کی سچآئی کو سامنے آنے دیا چائيگا،

truth said...

very nice of u sir.
continue your struggle of justice.
we are with you.
i had earlier send u an email asking to demand videography of the torture cells where confessional staements are taken.
please re consider it.

Unknown said...

muslim naujawano ki hifazat ke liye aap aur aap jaise logon ki nigrani mein district level par ek commettee qayam karne ki sakht zaroorat hai .is ke alawah rashtriya sahara urdu ke tamaam numaindon jo har district mein hain unke mobile no. rashtriya sahara mein shaya karein taki muslim naujwaan museebat ke waqt seedhe un numaindon se rabta kar sake.

world through lens said...

Dear Aziz Burney Saheb,
Thank you very much for your efforts.
I would like to request to post all your writings about L-18 in english on this blog which you have published in URDU.
Let majority of people inside & outside india get the touch of truth.
The propagation to polarise a community must be stopped as it is negative for the growth of country & the community as wel.
All saffronised israeli mentality people must be tackled intelectually.
We must remain calm at this moment of time.

YASIR KHAN said...

asalam alaik
pichle hafte main barkid manane ghar gaya tha ,sahara india main apki tahrik ke bare main parha .sir u r doing nice job,kya ye column rashrtiye sahara hindi main bhi ata hai ya sirf urdu paper main hi ata hai,agar nahi ata to plese try forit

Unknown said...

as salaam ual ae kum
mohtaram aziz burney sahab
rashtriya sahar urdu me aapke colm MUSALMANANE HIND MAAZI,HAAL AUR MUSTAKBIL ,,ke hum mustakil qari hain aur aapki kavishon ki qadr karte hain ..
aaj hindostan apne badtareen daur se guzar raha hai khas kar muslmanane hind apne aap ko is daure pur fitan me apne apko bilkul tanha mahsus kar rahe they ..
batla house saneha ke baad jis andaz me aapne batla house ke haqayeq se yake baad deegre apne parda uthana shuru kiya wo waqai qabile tareef hai ..
aapne apni tahreek o tahreer ke zariye biradrane watan ke dilo me musalmano ke liye jo shakook shubhat they unhe door karne me kafi had tak kanmyabi paayi ..
aaj usi ka natija hai ki 26|11mumbai kand ke baad musalman pahle ki tarah apne ap ko gair mahfuz nahi samajh rahe hain ..
biradrane watan ke sath kandhe se kandha mila kar is naapak aur ghinauni wardat ki har satah pe mazammat aur is ke khilaf apna ehtejaaj darj karwa rahe hain..
shheed e watan hemant karkare ki antim yaatra me beshumar musalmano ki shamuliyat unki hubbul watni ka jeeta jaagta suboot nahi to aur kya hai ...
burney sahab hemant karkare ki shahadat kya raayga chali jayegi,hemant karkare ki rooh cheekh cheekh kar insaf ki maang kar rahi hai.
kya hindustan ki janta hemant karkare ke ahle khana ka sabr ayse hi khali jane degi?
kya hemant karkare ka qatl nahi hua ?
bullet proof jaacket pahan ne baad unhe kab kahan aur kiski goli lagi?
kuch sawalaat hain jinka jawab hindustan ki janta maang rahi hai .
sarkar ki taraf se to hum na ummid hain lekin media me burney jaise hindostan ke sapooton se ummid hai ki wo in sawalon ka jawab zaroor khoj nikalenge..
shekh aamir
lko up

SAIF RIZVI said...

dear sir,
26/11/08 ko mumbai per hue hamle ki tahkiqat jo aapne ki hai aur apne 99 qist mein shamil kiya hai parh kar bahut achcha laga aur hum ummeed karte hain ki aap jis neik kam ke liye itne barde paimane par waqt de rahein hain allah aap ki madad kare,aameen aur hamein next qist ka badi besabri se intezar hai.

Khuda Hafiz
Allah aap ki madad kare.

Raza Imam Rizvi
Rupaidiha Bahraich

Unknown said...

on one side burney shakes hand with israel while on the other side feels proud to be LK Advani's guest.
worth mentioning, who is LK Advani, friend of Muslims or detractor? So Burney is also not friend of muslim rather he is doing his politics playing the muslims' sentiment.
another fact about aziz burney.
A lawsuit has been filed against Aziz Burney in Navi Mumbai Sessions Court, for publishing ‘unsubstantiated, false, derogatory and malicious reports’ in Roznama Rashtriya Sahara about 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Adv. Prashant Maggu for his client V.V. Joshi filed the same in court of Chief Judicial Magistrate of Navi Mumbai on August 7 under IPC Sections of 121,108,107,117,124(A),153(A),153(B),505(2) and 506. The lawsuit says that after 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack Roznama Rashtriya Sahara has been consistently publishing the reports of RSS involvement in the attack. Also the publication is contradicting the claims made by External Affairs Ministry as well as Union Home Ministry and Mumbai Police regarding Pakistani involvement in the attack, says the lawsuit –

Javvad Ali said...

Asslamualekum sir,apki report sahara urdu main padhi,subhanallah koi to sochme wala hai,aap se hamare rehnumao ko bhi targheeb lena chahiye

Firoz said...

Aziz Burney is on the fast track of Maulana Azad who had given life to Urdu journalism. After Azad's "Al- Hilal" and "Al-Balagh", the same high standard has been achieved by Urdu daily "Rashtriya Sahara" and "Aalmi Sahara". He has reinstated and rejuvenated Urdu journalism. Besides, he has given jobs to umpteen Urduwalas, who otherwise, might have starved. Urdu newspapers owe thier dignity to Burney's efforts. He is walking in the boots of Maulana Abbul Kalam Azad. May God give him healthy life. (Amen)