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If they are planning 9/11 in India, then…..

If the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26 November 2008 had fulfill their desire or if we consider over the more ruthless results of the attack then there could be a communal riot between Hindus and Muslims ,then…..
If there was a war between India and Pakistan, then…..
In every sentences after then I left the sentence, as my readers can easily anticipate ‘what would happen?’ During the investigations of Malegaon bomb blast martyr Hemant Karkare was coming out with new facts and the way he was receiving death threats and the way at the commencement of the terrorist attack he was killed, if we Indian had not acted in tolerant, and with communal harmony and peace loving way then there may be India would had faced a gloomy situation as it happened across the country after 6th December 1992 and 27th February 2002 incident of Sabarmati Express in Gujarat.
If the name of the Muslims involved in Mumbai terror attack were kept in front and were given a communal colour to it then one can imagine the situation country may face.
Truly my congratulations are to all the Hindus and Muslims, media organizations, government of India and opposition also. There were so many things came about after the terror attack but nothing in the name of communal hatred among Muslims and Hindus. It was a judicious step and I want to praise it many times but this is different thing what were the point put forward and what were left aside and how many secrets are going to come out? Who, others are involved in the attack, I will discuss it later and research work over this is on. I am sure about this that one day all the facts will come before us and few new faces has been come that are saved, sooner or later they will also come before us. The foremost and the first necessity was that how to keep intact our peace and harmony after this terror attack. Thanks to Allah, it is safe.
Second thing is that if war between India and Pakistan were break out after this terror attack then neither we would be able to know the name neither of Headley nor of Tahawwur Hussian Rana and FBI and all the facts may remain uncovered that are exposed now, revealing and many more to be unearth. For me this is a subject on that I have to work a lot, write a lot and InshaAllah I will, but this was also the necessity that there should not be hostilities between India and Pakistan as I have to save the innocent people from becoming the victims of the war. I have to save two neiboughring nations from becoming foe to each other and so it was necessary to guard the circumstances up to the limits so that there must not be hurdles in the way of identifying the reason and conspirators behind the terror attack, and it neither affects the investigations nor did it turn meaningless.
Who are those terrorists? What are the targets of those terrorist? Why they wish to make an environment of terror in India? These are such question until and unless that has to be answered, we can’t defeat terrorism.
If a small number of us, just few responsible ones are having mentality that if they are Muslims then they must be or could be a terrorist. If they have connections with Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh then he must be or could be an enemy of India. If he came from Israel, US and Britain then he must be or could be a friend of India. If he is a Christian or a Jew by faith then he is not a threat to us. We have to come out of this stereotyped thought as it is the matter of our national security; it’s not the issue of any individual’s ego or opinion. Our point of view could be different on any subject; we may not be pleased with each other, few of us may be having thoughts of hate and enmity with others, but how can we be the opponent of our country? We are living in a 100 story building and of that 20 floors belongs to a particular group and rest 80 floors belongs to others group. Who is the fool that thinks about destroying these 100 floors building? If this building destroyed then who’s flat will be safe? Neither of those who own a single story, nor of those who are having 20 floors, nor who are owner of more than 70 percent of building, so lets unite and save all these 100 story building and for this we have to sit together and think over it. Who are those, raising their evil eyes towards our nation, or may rise. We have to think on the occasions when few with particular mentality make a mountain out of a mole hill or vice versa. What could be motive behind this?
Now I want to discuss that subject which I wrote yesterday in my regular article and I work all above lines in context of that. Now we accepted the facts that two British detained at hold Radisson in suspicious activity are British citizen and bird watcher, they are doing research over them, if few steps ahead we could accept them as spy and for this motive they are in India and were sent by intelligence organization of any particular country.
If these suspected are not from Britain, they may be from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh then they could be terrorist of Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISI or HUJI. If their name were Ramiullah, Karimullah instead of Steven and Stephan they could be mastermind of another 9/11 in India. Please mind the seriousness of my words, neither it is based on purely emotion and nor it is for protecting the people of a particular belief .I am writing this article only in the interest of my country and trying to grab the attention of citizen and government of India towards those that are evident.
It is rubbish….
They were interested to see the plans from close range that is why they chose to stay in hotel Radisson near Delhi airport, and from the windows of the hotel take of and landing of planes can bee seen and this hobby take them to the top floor of the hotel. These British citizen arrived Delhi from London Heathrow airport of Landon from where they take off for Delhi is one of the busiest airport of the world and here around 54 planes lands either take off or land per hour, it means they can notice a plane per minute that is either taking off or landing, they don’t have to take pain for this and came over to India, where per minute only 26 planes lands or take off, that is less than half.
Their second statement that they are doing research on birds and they did it earlier also. It is also rubbish…..It sky only in India? Are these birds can be seen only in India? Let’s accept this, than question arises why they were recording the conversation between ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and pilots of the planes. It ATS and pilots discuss during take off and landing about the birds, and listening all these are important for them. Along with this radar scanning equipment and high power binoculars are recovered from them. High power
Binoculars, camera and other equipment are helpful in obtaining details about air traffic and planes. Google map (Delhi airport) also recovered from their laptop. What is the relation of these equipment with research on birds , whereas police has recovered from them rater measuring the speed of the planes , and after all this we taking this matter so lightly , as nothing happened is this can be rule but that they are in India for a grave terror attack . London they arrived Delhi on 13 February 2010 from London and they have to return back to from here on 17 February 2010, this means that there stay in India was for 4 days, and in this period they remain (confined to) in their room and terrace of the hotel, and they always kept their attention on the windows and on terrace they kept watching only on the planes. Is this insisting as on to think seriously over it? If not at this stage, then please read the following lines and pay attention.
Our country witnessed a dangerous air accident on 12th November 1996 in Charkhi Dadri. To remind you this. I am giving you the detail of this incident in nutshell.

On 12th November 1996 midair collision between Kazakhstan’s Illynohim -76 and Saudi Airline’s Boeing 747 taken life of all 349 people boarding these two planes. This incident was witness over the sky of two villages Charkhi Dadri of Haryana. Investigation of this collision was done by Justice Lahoti. Lahoti Commission found that Kazakh airline employees were responsible for one of the worst accident of air history. Report of 200 pages was submitted to that time minister for will aviation. In this report it is mentioned that Kazakhstan’s pilot was coming down to his assign altitude of 15000 pt. and come on way to the Saudi Airlines. Saudi Airlines plane had take off form Delhi and moving towards Dhahran (Saudi Arabia).

Kazakhstan airlines counsel told the commission that plane stuck in to cumulus cloud and due to turbulence lower the altitude and ATC came to know around 16 minutes earlier about the possible collision between the planes but they (ATC informed the Kazakhstan pilot I us 48 seconds before the mishap. Saudi official told that the Kazakh Air Lines was not obeying the commands on ATC. Airports authority of India also put the responsibility of the collision on the Kazakhstan Air Lines. Saudi Airlines opined that this collision could be averted if the personnel at towers were appointed and equipment was mounted over in right way.

Airport Authority of India told that there was indiscipline inside the cockpit of the Kazakhstan Airlines plane and crew did not understand the communications in English and these were the reason why the plane was moving below the assigned altitude. They expressed story of weather turbulence is created, as there were no signed of bad weather either from metrology department or from the transmission signals.

Commission found that it was due to mistake of Kazakhstan’s airlines pilot as he was assign to be at the altitude of 15000 ft (4600m) but he was on 14500 ft (4400m) and later came to 14000 ft (4300m) and later on to lower altitude. Commission also came to know that due to lesser understanding of Kazakhstan Airlines Pilot about English, he disobeyed the commands given by ATC


Now I tell you about my doubt, which can be wrong, but if it comes true then imagine how dangerous it could be. If we accept it for few moment that they are two dreaded terrorist who were planning a disaster bigger than 9/11. Motive behind recording the conversation between ATC and pilots is that they succeeded in receiving the frequency at which they were communicating. In other words if the wish they could interrupt the workstation, can mis- communicate the conversation as it was happened in the case of Charkhi Dadri Accident. It may it was international or unintentional. They may give the wrong directions to the pilots in place of ATC, there could be a mid air collision, and they could decide the plane of any particular country, even they could decide with the help of Google map and equipments the place and altitude of the collision. By the way if their intentions were this much dangerous and disaster take place over the sky of Delhi then one can imagine it how dangerous it could be for our nation and if on later stage if was prove that this was similar attack on the line of 9/11 and a dreaded terror group like Al-Qaeda is behind this and motive as just enmity, then imagine what would happen? Please for give me for taking extra precautions, as we achieved our freedom after 190 years of slavery and paid bloods of our martyrs, we know it that’s why we can not give invitation for turning our self to slave again. We have to take note of every danger posed to our country and with all possible angles. We can not put our security in to perils just for relation with particular country.

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Aamir said...


Thanks for inviting for me in this discussion. I had also started a similar discussion. And I will again say the same thing, this bloody terrorism will never stop until and unless there is a change in the mindset of the people belonging to a particular segment..I hope you are getting it. Of course, our government needs to take some harsh steps to combat this from occurring again. Mumbai incident is dumb shocking ! No words can describe...

Well, I am also not against war. Let it happen once and see !

We all condemn terror attack on (Mumbai)India on 26/11.
I salute our army , NSG , ATS,Marcos,Mumbai police and those who are involved in Mumbai terror attack rescue operations.Condolences to the all nationally and internationally families of innocent people who got killed in this cowardly act of terror.

Kashmiri Hindu

Instead of these hate sermons here, why not you raise your voice for the right of self determination for the people of Kashmir in line with UN resolution?

In last 20 years, Indian forces have killed over 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims. Have you ever raised voice for them?


Mumbai terror attack was not the first attack, nor the last...It has been establised that Pakistan ISI was behind these terror attacks..Pakistan is using islam as a tool to create terrorist activities in India by inducting Indian muslim youth into Jihad..The real reason is that this strategy is very low cost war with no risk as being perceived as attackers by other countries and pakistanis are masters in this type of warfare.They have used the same strategy in 1947-48 in Kashmir when they sent Kabailis in kashmir and again in 1999 kargill war...

Finally I don’t think we should speak to Pakistan
We must attack on Pakistan.