Friday, January 1, 2010


I can imagine your curiosity……that's why… preface… verbosity….no hints.Few line article but a complete document.I have given you the dates related to issue of passport to David Coleman Headley and his Indian visit from June 2006 to October 2008.You already read that who inspire Headley to change his name and religion… Who gave him new name to his Father… Who helped in getting new passport… who assisted in getting a visa…. who helped him in arranging fake documents… who aided to participate in Lashkar's terror training camp… who send a drug dealer to India… who granted the reason to visit India… who assisted Rana in getting passport just a week before… on whose consent they opened the Mumbai office of First World Immigration Services… who helped in getting assess to Chabad (synagogue )… who aided in arranging a residence near American Consulate in Mumbai… Why his entry in the American Consulate at Mumbai was uninterrupted… who helped escape the arrest in India… who refrained Indian investigators to access Headley.. Who are the elements that does not want to facilitate the extradition of Headley to India…?In above mentioned questions tell me you don't know the answer of exactly any particular question… Does our intelligence agencies have no informations… whether our government is not aware of this … If there is any one then please go through the Series of my articles 'Azad Bharat ka Itihas' pulished in daily Rashtriya Sahara with heading 'This is not my article, but' ,series no. 60 (24-12-09). 'If you have any answer then tell us…' ,series no. 61(25-12-09). series no. 62(26-12-09)Whatever I am writing echoed by ex DGP West Bengal, series no. 63 ( 27-12-09) were published in above mentioned dates.Other than this you can go through the Hindutan Times dated 20th December,2009 article "Did America keep mum on 26/11?" by Vir Sanghvi.Los Angeles Times dated 13th December, 2009 " TimeLine of David Coleman Headley" .Article with heading "26/11, Headley and America "of ex DGP West Bengal Dinesh Chandra Vajpai published in Hindi daily Sanmarg.B. Raman's article published in Srilanka Guardian with "Headley case: India as a soft state" on 20th December,2009.Press release of Bharat Bachao Andolan "Mumbai 26/11 terror attack" dated 26th December,2009. IANS(Indo Asian News Servises ) report dated 24th December 2009.Whether ,after all the blasts still ,we should fix the responsibility only on muslims ?Should there must be abomination still between Hindus and muslims ?Should we still not decipher the intentions of terrorist?Should we still not interrogate the elements who wants to destroy our beloved country?And…Should we still not unite irrespective of our cast and religion for the protection of our beloved country?When you will think about this !And finally…Why we think that David Coleman Headley want to kill Danish cartoonist and that's why he was arrested by FBI.Isn't possible that they are trying to misguide us by his agent, trained terrorist to be presented as a hardliner Muslim and so that a they have a excuse for denying extradition of Headley.Search for truth will continue and so the article ,but that's it for today.


Saleem Khan said...

CIA is the real terrorist

Abu Khobaib said...

Assalmo Alaikum,

Hope you must be doing great!!

I pray to Allah that He Almighty save you always. I really very inspired by the way of thinking that you have. You really deserve to be a revolutionary personna in this age. Kindly keep it up..

May Allah bless you..